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Broken Silence

Band Members:
Tracy King Lead Vocals, BGVs
Stephen Gomez Lead Vocals, BGVs, Guitars
Vern Green BGVs, Bass Guitar
Joy Soderstrom Bass Guitar, Keyboards
Keith Swanson Drums

Additional Musicians:
Keith Mack Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Benjy King BGVs, Keyboards, Guitars, Percussion
Larry Soderstrom BGVs

Production Information:
Recorded @ Say Listen Recording Studios - Ojai, CA
Benjy King Producer
Benjy King Engineer
Benjy King Mixed @ Red Rock Recording Studios, Saylorsburg, PA
Kent Heckman Mixed @ Red Rock Recording Studios, Saylorsburg, PA

melodic metal, AOR
California, USA
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
? Broken Silence 468
2011 Discerning the Times [Re-Issue] 604
1995 Discerning the Times 1318
1995 Discerning The Times 399
1994 Shout It Out Loud 958
1991 Demo 443

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