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From the band's Myspace:

Fast, furious and ferocious. Sympathy churns out its own unique style of Extreme Metal with sickening aggression. Huge walls of thick crunching guitars, coupled with the soaring sounds of synths give Sympathy's music a hauntingly surreal quality that mixes the sinister with the saintly, the malignant with the majestic, and the hellish with the heavenly.

The brainchild of Dharok, Sympathy is influenced by such Death Metal acts as early Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation, and such Black Metal acts as The Legion and Dark Funeral. Sympathy is often compared to artists as diverse as Dimmu Borgir and Immolation because Sympathy�s sound combines the aggression of Thrash Metal, the brutality of Death Metal, and the abrasiveness of Black Metal.

In 2001, Sympathy was signed to the Dutch metal label Fear Dark. In the following year, Sympathy's first commercially available disc, titled Invocation, was released. Invocation was well received by the underground metal community�receiving such honors as a mention in Metal Maniacs reader�s albums of the year for 2002.

In the spring of 2004, after the completion of a year's worth of writing and pre-production work, Sympathy released the full-length album titled Arcane Path. This disc featured a much improved production quality, additional lead guitar work by members of the Century Media artist Into Eternity, and a painting commissioned from the Belgian artist Kris Verwimp.

The summer of 2005 saw Sympathy�s third studio album released. The EP titled Abyssal Throne was released on the Norwegian metal label Momentum Scandinavia. This album again featured the work of members of Into Eternity, plus guest vocals from Matt Knowles of the metal band Royal Anguish, and the graphic artistry of Sweden�s Samuel Durling.

During the latter half of 2005, Sympathy expanded its lineup to include Into Eternity drummer Jim Austin as a session player. Jim has toured extensively through Canada, America and Europe. He brings both his technical abilities behind the drum kit and his experience to Sympathy. Along with the addition of Jim Austin, Sympathy now can boast that the Canadian guitarist Jeff Lewis is a member of the band. Jeff first became known in the extreme metal genre when he played with Australia�s Mortification. He also plays in his own Death Metal band Abolishment of Hate.

Death metal
Ontario, Canada
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Year Title Rating Views
2008 Anagogic Tyranny 4838
2005 Abyssal Throne 3981
2004 Arcane Path 6867
2002 Invocation 5701
1996 Realms Of Chaos 771
1995 Age Of Darkness 879
1993 Arrogance And Ignorance 717
1991 Covenant 794

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