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Angelic Force

Angelic Force was formed in 1987 A very Melodic styled Hard Rock/Metal band. We went through a few member changes but here's the ones that made the cut.. The early part of the band - Joe Whitford-Guitar, Myself (Robert)-Guitar, Randy Rubio -Drums, Stacy Carerra -Vocals, Rory McManus -Bass. Soon after the departure of Randy and Rory entered Joseph Olona on Drums and Joey Anaya on Bass. We did a live show on a local Christian television station channel 11 and had some mixed reviews from some "concerned" Parents called in about our style of music but thats Rock n roll for ya. Believe it or not we never did any other shows probably due to the short time we were around. Joe Whiford soon left and Joseph Olona as well. Steve Trujillo became the next Guitarist Judd Willhyte became the next bass player and Rick Campbell was the next drummer.
Angelic Force put out one ST full length Album on Cass in 1988 and a 3 song demo in 1989. Angelic Force disbanded shortly after.

The later Line up was:
Stacy Carerra-Vocals
Robert Gutierrez-Guitars
Steve Trujillo-Guitars
Judd Willhyte- Bass
Rick Campbell-Drums

heavy metal
Albuquerque, NM
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2018 Soldiers Of The Cross 124
1988 Angelic Force 1594
1988 Angelic Force [demo] 1321

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