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The Moshketeers

Originally formed in the 80's as Rapture. This band toured the country with Barren Cross and many thought they would be the next big band in the Christian scene. They released several demos under this name including "Die By the Sword" and "Vacation from Hell". Rapture began progressing into a thrash band and eventually changed their name to the Moshketeers. Under the Moshketeers name they released a few demos and an album called "The Downward Spiral". Unfortunately despite rumors that labels like Intense Records and R.E.X. were interested in the band, they were never offered a contract by a label and broke up for a spell. In the late 1990's they reformed with ex-Combat Faith drummer Alan Tuma and performed some shows opening for P.O.D. and Ultimatum. During this time they also released a 4-song demo tape that was to be a "pre-release" for a full length CD. The band broke up again before that happened. Band founder/guitarist Paul Scozzafava is now a Calvary Chapel pastor (Santa Fe) and has also played guitar in The Good Shepherd's Lively Heart's Club Band, a Beatles parody band.

speed metal, thrash metal, heavy metal
Albuquerque, NM
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Year Title Rating Views
2010 The Downward Spiral (Remastered And Expanded) 1320
1998 The Moshketeers Pre-Release 1168
1990 The Downward Spiral 2373
1989 The Moshketeers 1264

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