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Formed in 1989, IONA take their name from the small island off the west coast of Scotland. From the beginning, their aim has been to write spiritual, atmospheric, yet uplifting music that would stir the emotions, weaving complex patterns that echo the intricate knot work of the great Celtic artists. Often inspired by the great figures of the Celtic Golden Age such as Columba, Aidan, Brendan and Patrick, IONA's music is as timeless as the message that reaches out to us across the centuries.

Uniquely combining rock / folk / progressive / ethnic and ambient elements with the crystalline voice of Joanne Hogg as their focus, IONA create 'a blaze of colours and textures...all the sounds fusing into a single, yearning, heartfelt beautiful cry.'

IONA have built up a formidable reputation as a great live band with their incredible musicianship and disarmingly humorous banter and are noted for their timeless and innovative studio recordings. They have released 6 acclaimed studio albums, three live albums (two doubles, one with The All Souls Orchestra), a beautifully illustrated 4 cd box set and two DVDs. Their seventh (2cd) studio album Another Realm was released in June 2011.
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Progressive Rock, Celtic, Rock
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2013 Edge Of The World - Live In Europe 394
2012 Another Realm 396
2009 Journey Into the Morn (Re-Issue) 321
2008 Live In London 373
2006 Circling Hour 540
2006 Live In London (DVD) 358
2003 Iona (DVD) 376
2003 Iona (Re-Issue) 327
2002 The River Flows: Anthology Volume 1 459
2002 Book Of Kells (Re-Issue) 317
2002 Beyond These Shores (Re-Issue) 284
2000 Open Sky 1016
1999 Woven Cord 730
1997 Live - Heaven's Bright Sun 682
1996 Journey Into the Morn 767
1996 Treasures 398
1993 Beyond These Shores 707
1993 The Bubble Pool 217
1992 The Book of Kells 720
1990 Iona 798
1990 Iona (VHS) 299

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