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Kerry Livgren

During the summer of 1979 (when Kansas was on tour in support of its sixth album, Monolith) Livgren had been engaging in a series of theological debates with Jeff Pollard, lead vocalist of Kansas’ opening act of the time, Le Roux. As a direct result from the influence of Pollard, who is a believer, Livgren’s spiritual journey ended when he made a decision for Christ. Seeds Of Change-The Spiritual Quest of Kerry Livgren (The book--Nashville: Sparrow Press, 1991, pages 136-137) finds him putting things in proper perspective: “Unlike my previous religious experiences, my conversion was based on repentance from sin. I finally understood that believing in Christ means more than intellectual assent; it means turning away from sin (repentance) and choosing to receive Christ's gift of salvation. This time I knew my quest had reached an end- the years of searching were over”.

Rock, Hard Rock, Progressive Rock
Topeka, Kansas
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Year Title Rating Views
2014 Seeds Of Change [Re-Release] 335
2009 Decade Vol. 1 442
2008 Prime Mover (Redux) 585
2007 Decade Vol. 2 541
2007 Collectors Sedition (Director's Cut) 486
2002 The Best of Kerry Livgren 623
2000 Collectors Sedition Vol. 1 683
1998 Prime Mover II 724
1997 Odyssey Into the Mind's Eye 1204
1995 When Things Get Electric 751
1992 Decade [box set] 1062
1989 One of Several Possible Musiks 796
1980 Seeds of Change 1048

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