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Deliverance formed in the 1985 as a speed metal outfit, where the Christian metal community first encountered them on the compilation album "California Metal". They published their self-titled debut album in 1989 with Jimmy P Brown (guitars and lead vocals), Glenn Rogers (lead guitar), Brian Khairullah (bass), and Chris Hyde (drums), but did not make major waves in the Christian metal community until their 1990 release "Weapons of Our Warfare". During this time, guitarist Glenn Rogers left to join Steel Vengeance. Recon guitarist George Ochoa was brought in to replace Glenn. A video for "Weapons" was released that did well for the band as well, even seeing play on MTV.

During the production of their third album, Brian Khairullah and Chris Hyde were replaced with Mike Grato (ex-Recon/Eternal Ryte) and Kevin Lee respectively. The third album did not perform as well, and tensions within the band resulted in George Ochoa leaving.

Their fourth album was a major change in direction for the band musically. "Stay of Execution" went in a more progressive metal direction, complete with new guitarist Mike Phillips. While this move did anger fans at the time, others feel that "Stay" represents Deliverance's best work. Their fifth album "Learn" continued in a progressive direction with new bassist Manny Morales. From this time on, the other positions in the band changed with increasing frequency, but the core of the band remained Jimmy Brown and Manny Morales.

Deliverance released "River Disturbance" in 1994 and "Camelot in Smithereens" in 1995. Originally intended to be a single album, conflicts with their record companies resulted in these albums being released separately, with "Camelot" being the poorest seller in the Deliverance catalog at the time.

Deliverance disappeared until 2001, when they released their final studio album, "Assimilation", which was not well received by fans due to its major changes from the classic Deliverance style.

After Deliverance, Jimmy Brown started to work on his new line-up, electronica-industrial-gothic group Fearful Symmetry. The name is probably derived from Daniel Amos Fearful Symmetry album. The only member besides Brown in the group is Corin Jae Scott. The group has published two albums, "This Sad Veil of Tears" in 2002 and "A Loss of Balance" in 2005.

Deliverance recently reformed with a lineup of Jimmy P. Brown II, Mike Phillips, Corin Jae Scott, and Tim Kronyak. The band is currently looking for a drummer to complete the lineup for the upcoming CD and tour dates to commence in 2007.

Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Electronica
California, USA
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2019 Assimilation (Reissue) 54
2019 Hear What I Say! (Reissue) 64
2019 As Above - So Below (Reissue) 54
2019 Weapons Of Our Warfare (Yellow Vinyl LP) 13
2019 Greeting Of Death (Remaster) 15
2019 Greeting Of Death (Cassette) 15
2019 Greeting of Death (Remaster Vinyl LP) 14
2019 Hear What I Say! (Vinyl LP) 10
2018 The Subversive Kind 435
2018 The Subversive Kind (Black Vinyl LP) 48
2018 The Subversive Kind (Red Vinyl LP) 57
2018 River Disturbance (White Vinyl LP) 64
2018 River Disturbance (Reissue) 66
2017 Deliverance (Red Vinyl LP) 66
2017 Deliverance (Black Vinyl LP) 65
2017 Deliverance (Reissue) 67
2014 Weapons Of Our Warfare (Vinyl, Blue) 1008
2014 Weapons Of Our Warfare (Vinyl, Black) 812
2014 Stay of Execution [Remastered & Expanded] 966
2013 Hear What I Say! 1479
2013 Hear What I Say! [PROMOTIONAL COPY] 1250
2011 What A Joke (Re-Issue) 1294
2008 Deliverance (RetroActive) 1919
2008 Weapons of our Warfare (RetroActive) 1954
2007 As Above - So Below 4387
2007 Greetings Of Death etc. (Retroactive Records) 1584
2007 Assimilation (Expanded 2 Disc Edition) 1658
2007 The First 4 Years 1651
2007 River Disturbance (Collector's Edition) 1621
2001 Greetings Of Death, Etc. (Magdalene Records) 6097
2001 Assimilation 2563
2001 Live at Cornerstone 2001 1930
2000 Back In The Day: The First Four Years 1734
2000 Classic Archives (What a Joke / Stay of Execution) 1395
1998 KMG Classic Archives Vol 2 1684
1995 Camelot In Smithereens 8436
1995 A Decade Of Deliverance 2245
1994 River Disturbance 9143
1993 Learn 9433
1993 Intense Live Series, Volume 1 6673
1992 Stay Of Execution 11896
1991 What A Joke 15043
1990 Weapons Of Our Warfare 12880
1989 Deliverance 10895
1987 Greeting of Death (demo) 2332

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