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Vengeance Rising

An originator in Christian metal. Vengeance Rising led the way for a ton of other extreme Christian bands to follow. After the first two albums, the original four members of Vengeance left the band and formed Die Happy leaving vocalist Roger Martinez to forge ahead on his own. Roger released two more albums under the Vengeance Rising name before renouncing his faith in God. Several albums by Vengeance Rising have been rumored to have been released since, but none of these rumors have turned out to be true. Roger still owns the rights to the original Vengeance Rising name and logo.

In 2004 the original four members of Vengeance Rising reformed with the intention of doing a reunion show that would be recorded for DVD. The show was originally billed as simply VENGEANCE (sand the RISING) but the band name was changed at the last minute to ONE DEAD to avoid conflicts with former vocalist Roger Martinez. This is evident by the band's set list which still contained the Vengeance logo on it at the show. (That set list can be seen on the DVD if you click on the track listing. Note the Vengeance logo.) Along with vocalist Scott Waters of Ultimatum the band performed in Anaheim, California on August 29th, 2004. The show was recorded and released on a DVD cleverly titled Return with a Vengeance". After this show the band decided to continue on and do some more shows. Eventually this line-up decided to record a new CD.

Unfortunately the core of the band fell apart with the original members leaving the fold and vocalist Scott Waters parting ways before the CD was recorded. By 2007 the album had still not been released and all but Doug Thieme of the original Once Dead reunion remained in the band. (see the Once Dead page for more.)

Line-up: 1985-1990

Roger Martinez - Vocals
Larry Farkas - Guitar
Doug Thieme - Guitar
Roger Martin - Bass
Glen Mancaruso - Drums

Line-up: 1991

Roger Martinez - Vocals, Rhythm, Lead and Bass Guitars, Synth Keys on 10
Derek Sean - Lead Guitar
Dr.Jekyl (Chris Hyde) - Drums

Line-up: 1992

Roger Martinez - Vocals, Rhythm, Lead and Bass Guitars
Johnny Vasquez - Drums
Jamie Mitchell - Lead Guitar
Simon Dawg (a.k.a Jimmy Brown) - Rhythm Guitar
"Manic" Joe Monsorb'nik (a.k.a Victor Macias/Tourniquet) - Bass

*Simon Dawg was not George Ochoa as rumored due to the fact that he had a broken wrist at the time of the recording. Simon Dawg was none other than Jimmy P. Brown II (named after his dog Simon as clued to in the inside leaflet).

Tour Line up: 1992

Roger Martinez - Vocals
Johnny Vasquez - Drums
Daniel Cordova - Rhythm Guitar
George Ochoa- Lead Guitar
Mike Wagel - Bass

Vengeance/Once Dead Reunion Line-up 2004

Scott Waters (Ultimatum) - Vocals
Larry Farkas - Guitar
Doug Thieme - Guitar
Roger Martin - Bass
Glen Mancaruso - Drums

Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Metal
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