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No Longer Music

The band No Longer Music is an amazing band in every way. With a set that mixes punk, hardcore, new metal, experimental and electro music, NLM (as called by its fans) has been capturing and entertaining audiences throughout the World with its unique blend of drama and music.

During the shows, a drama piece flows in an interactive, impacting and energetic way. As the musicians come up on stage, the audience has the feeling that "the circus came to town". The band calls it ´psycho punk theatre´, which creates an atmosphere that captivates the crowd from the beginning to the end of the show.

Though originating in Holland, NLM has members from all over the World, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Germany, Holland, New Zealand and the USA. This diversity of cultures, races and languages gives the band a rich variety of references that makes NLM a pearl of the underground scene and worth checking out.

Amsterdam, Holland
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2014 I Can See Right Through You 643
2013 Out Of Time 798
2005 Live in Stuttgart, Germany 955
1999 Primordial 1166
1997 Passion 1196
1993 Hang By Your Feet And Sing! 1294
1991 No Sex 1067
1989 Thank You, Good Night, We Love You 1004
1988 Bustin' Through 821
1987 It's Too Loud 768
1986 Sounds Like a Factory 715

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