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From the band's website:

emil nikolaisen (21): guitars, vocals
elvira nikolaisen (18): vocals
remi christiansen (19): guitars
tommy akerholdt (17): drums
oystein aase (20): bass


Formed summer / fall of 1996, by brothers Emil, Ivar and sister
Elvira (Nikolaisen) with a friend David Siraj. A couple of months
later, early '97, Oystein replaced David on bass. Ivar quit and
Tommy became the new permament drummer.

Emil: "We wanted to "expand" our sound and got another friend,
Remi as a second guitar player. ROYAL was born in the form we
know it.When we (Elvira and I) were small we used to sit the
whole family singing together. Our father is a musician, so we got
introduced to lots of different styles of music, knowing something
of everything from folk, gospel, classical music, jazz, bossanova
& blues to pop, country, rock and punk (Emil even used to play in
the death metal band EXTOL, and Tommy and Remi used to tease
others witht the noise of their hardcore punkrock band S.A.F.D.)
This made us want to challenge the idea of use these sounds together."

As a whole - a picture - of sound and words - to express -
to feel love - to let frustartion go - thankfulness.

Signed Soulscape Records Sweden spring of '97 and recorded our
debut album summer '97, at Berghem Studio, Sweden, with good
friend Daniel Smith of Danielson Family producing.

So far the band has played at concerts / festivals in Norway,
Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

Stuff we like:

EMIL : disturbing rock n'roll / art, concerts, friends
ELVIRA : art, friends REMI - old fuzzboxes / amps, friends, rock!
TOMMY : his good old Tempo motorcycle, friends, punk rock
OYSTEIN : friends, driving around (not really)

Hair style secrets: daxgroomwax coconut oil

Musical influences (in no particulary order): The Beach Boys, The
Beatles, Bjork, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, The Cardigans,
But Bacharach, AC DC (Remi), High Llamas, Spiritualized, Tortoise,
Stereolab, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Larry Norman, Norweigan Death
Metal, Guzzard, Roadside Monument, Starflyer 59, Danielson Family,
Blenderhead and much, much more....

Dream pop, Alternative, indie rock, Shoegazer
Similar Secular:
early Starflyer 59, Driver Eight, early Viva Voce, early Morella's Forest, My Bloody Valentine, The Cardigans, Sonic Youth

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