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Sprinkle, Aaron

A minor superstar in his hometown of Seattle, Aaron Sprinkle isn't quite yet a household name anywhere else. He's the talented producer for Tooth & Nail/BEC artists like Kutless, Thousand Foot Krutch, Seven Places, FM Static, The Lonely Hearts (formerly Holland), Telecast, and Anberlin. Fans of '90s underground Christian rock remember him with the bands Poor Old Lu and Rose Blossom Punch. Fewer still know the gifted multi-instrumentalist's solo work—three little-known projects released through the small Silent Planet label and the now defunct Pamplin and Organic Records. Lackluster, showcasing Sprinkle's artistic and production skills, is a collection of songs from those solo recordings. Fans of melodic alternative folk/rock (Jars of Clay, The Choir, The Lonely Hearts (formerly Holland), The Beatles, Common Children, The Choir, Billy Corgan, and Poor Old Lu) will appreciate this music the most. Sprinkle's voice even resembles that of Dan Haseltine (Jars Of Clay) and Steve Hindalong (The Choir). Tooth & Nail Records released this collection February, 2004, consisting of songs from his out of print earlier solo albums titled Moontraveler (Organic Records-1999), The Kindest Days (Organic Records-2000), and Bareface (Silent Planet Records-2001), plus one previously unreleased song.

Seattle, WA
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Year Title Rating Views
2004 Lackluster 989
2001 Bareface 976
2000 The Kindest Days 1027
1999 Moontraveler 923

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