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Demon Hunter

One of a growing number of bands in the Christian nu-metal/metalcore field, Demon Hunter brings previous hardcore pedigree to the table (the Clark brothers come from Training For Utopia) as well as a pretty solid style, not a million miles away from Slipknot. Their lyrics are less heavy-handed than the average Christian band, preferring a more subtle approach. They aren't yet a leading band innovation-wise, but their two albums thus far are a fine start to their career.
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Their song "My Heartstrings Come Undone" from the Summer Of Darkness album is featured on the new Resident Evil: Apocalypse soundtrack.

Metalcore, Metal
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2017 Outlive 28
2014 Extremist 479
2014 Extremist [Box Set] 434
2014 Extremist (vinyl) 167
2012 True Defiance 587
2012 True Defiance (Vinyl) 379
2012 True Defiance (Box Set) 513
2011 Death, A Destination 349
2010 The World is a Thorn 540
2010 The World Is A Thorn (Box-Set) 446
2009 Live In Nashville 689
2008 Storm the Gates of Hell (Vinyl) 596
2008 45 Days 899
2007 Storm The Gates Of Hell 5127
2007 Storm The Gates Of Hell (Special Edition) 3674
2006 The Triptych (Special Edition) 785
2005 The Triptych 6646
2004 Summer of Darkness 6602
2002 Demon Hunter 5708

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