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Revelation Project

RP is a Christian progressive metal group based in Western New York. The group was originally formed in March 2001. Song writer and guitar player Graeme Swallow had begun to write the music in September of 2000. While Graeme had written many songs before, he and long-time friend Dave Jonathan (bass) knew there was something different about this new music. They decided to put a “one-time showcase band” together, to perform at the Kingdom Bound music festival, annually held in Darien, NY.

After that show, Dave and Graeme realized they needed to make a more permanent deal of it, though not all of the other musicians would commit. Chelsea Wagner became the new keyboard player in October 2002. Still without a lead vocalist, RP decided to allow the search to continue for one more year. It was at the very end of that year, in October 2003, that God brought to RP lead vocalist Tom Bender. Finally, in March of 2004, the original drummer left and was replaced by current drummer Russ Stack in 2004.

Revelation Project's debut CD, a concept album about the Biblical end-times.

Progressive Rock
New York, USA
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