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The singer of V8 up together with the guitar and bass player, changed from drug friends to Christianity. They became Evangelists, and this was one of the reasons for the split of V8.
They founded LOGOS, and spread the Christian message. The music is really good Power Metal, and they played very good live. The band was often in the US, in "Holy mission", and finally the singer stayed there. This was the end of the band. Guitar player Miguel Roldan and the last drummer founded the new band CRUEL ADICCION. The last album was a live recording with a lot of unreleased material. The record company announced an official video release with these songs, but cancelled it. But I saw a copy of that in Mexico! End of 2003 came the news, that LOGOS are re united again!

Heavy Metal, Power Metal
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2008 A Traves de los Tiempos 870
2008 Demos & En Vivo (Compilation) 861
2007 Plan Mundial Para La Destruccion (DVD) 824
2006 Plan Mundial Para la Destruccion 827
1998 Tercer Acto 1055
1997 Logos (demo) 1052
1995 Generacion Mutante 1034
1993 La Industria del Poder 1129

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