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Released several albums in both Czech and English versions. Main man Ladislav Krizek also released a bunch of solo efforts, and was very popular in his native country.

Above the inscription and logo of KREYSON there is the Hebrew letter TAU, which is the last word for a letter of the Hebrew alphabet and its shape resembles to the cross before the desk with Pilate's inscription was nailed to it. He letter TAU is mentioned in the Old Testament already when in a difficult time for the people of Israel the prophet Ezekiel accepts a command from God to cross Jerusalem and with the sign of TAU to mark foreheads of men who sigh and moan over all the falsities that are committed in it (Ezekiel 9,3-4). Thus, TAU is a sign of repentance, humility and turning to God for both an individual and people. Christians soon recognized a sign of the cross in it.

Power Metal
Czech Republic
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2013 Návrat Krále 412
2012 Promo singl 370
2011 Crusaders (Re-Issue) 487
2011 Angel On The Run (Re-Issue) 430
2011 Promo Singl 347
2009 20 Years of Kreyson 770
2008 Noc Plná Hvězd - Live Třinec 2007 388
2008 Anděl Na Útěku/Křižáci 423
2007 Nejde Vratit Cas 514
1999 Zlate Hity 592
1996 The Best Of 754
1995 Zákon Džungle (maxi single) 587
1995 Zákon Džungle 755
1995 Kam Hvezdy Chodi Spat 580
1994 The Best Of 657
1993 Crusaders 1094
1993 Elixír Života 752
1993 klíč k mé duši 455
1993 Crusaders (Japan) 493
1992 Křižáci 631
1992 Angel On The Run (Japan) 465
1991 Zlatej Chlapec 685
1990 Angel On The Run 1275
1990 Anděl Na Útěku 622

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