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Black Eyed Sceva

Black Eyed Sceva didn't last long (1992-1996) and their output was hardly prolific (an indie demo tape, one full-length CD, and an EP), but they can lay some claim to being one of the best bands of the decade, certainly within the Christian music scene. The three-piece unit was a tight one; their muscular, angular playing was both supple and fiery. The songs, deftly written with some real poetry and intelligence behind them, clearly articulated the joys and difficulties of living as a Christian in these days. Minus Nims, and adding Erik Herzog, the band became the much gloomier Model Engine, and...the music continued to grow. After losing their record contract, the group disbanded, with Post returning to college. Black Eyed Sceva took their name from a group of poseurs in the Bible's chapter of Acts. They often worked with Bruce Winter.

- Doug Dwyer, AMG

Jeremy Post, guitar and lead vocals
Brad McCarter, bass and vocals
Brent Nims, drums

rock, alternative
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1996 5 Years, 50,000 Miles Davis 1315
1995 Way Before the Flood 1302

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