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Idle Cure

Mark Ambrose, and Steve Shannon played together for several years in the Christian band “Sojourn”, and it was herein the seeds were planted for Idle Cure. In 1986, Idle Cure launched their initial self titled album on the then newly formed Frontline Records. The response was both remarkable, and immediate. “Breakaway” was a runaway hit on major Christian Rock radio stations, and “Take It” was a number 1 ballad almost nationwide. By 1990 Idle Cure was dominating rock radio and “Pray” was the #1 song for the entire year. In spite of the fact that the band never did any major tours, the radio success on several fronts created a steady sub-culture of fans in the industry.

Long Beach, California
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2019 Tough Love (Remaster) 41
2019 2nd Avenue (Remaster) 52
2019 Inside Out (Remaster) 41
2019 Idle Cure (Remaster) 35
2019 Eclipse (Remaster) 40
2019 Inside Out (Colored Vinyl LP) 34
2000 Tough Love/Inside Out KMG Classic Archives 1187
1998 Idle Cure/2nd Avenue KMG Classic Archives 1293
1994 Eclipse 1846
1992 Breakaways 1598
1991 Inside Out 2017
1990 2nd Avenue 3311
1988 Tough Love 1905
1986 Idle Cure 2308

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