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Side Walk Slam

Originally made up of 3 young guys (2 from Southern IL and 1 from Kentucky) who were a part of a very grassroots punk scene mainly across Southern IL. Put first album out on Boot to Head, then got a demo to Tooth and Nail and the rest is history.

Original Line-up:
Marcus Hall - West Frankfort, iL
David Curtis - Carmi, IL
Matt Jackson - Puducah, KY

Neil Endicott of Carmi, IL became lead guitarist on the 3rd album.

David, Matt and Neil all went on to become Run Kid Run with the added member of Lyle Chastain of Carmi, IL

Southern IL & KY
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2003 ...And We Drive 8552
2002 Give Back 10126
2001 Past Remains 11777
2000 Two Steps Forward, Five Steps Back 1092

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