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Soul Embraced

Apparently Rocky Gray and Lance Garvin cannot get enough of the Metal from just playing in Living Sacrifice. Their compulsion is our good fortune, when it takes the 100% Pure Metal form of Soul Embraced.
. . . The production is so sharp on For the Incomplete, that their songs actually feel metallic -- every string piercing the ear, and every drum beat pinging beneath the thunder. Speed breakdowns interrupt dropping chugs, which in turn submit to some mighty tech-thrash. Musically, it’s how you would have expected Metallica and Megadeath to evolve, if they hadn’t wussed out. And the most striking element of Soul Embraced’s song writing is the dominant presence and triumphant return of the guitar solo. Normally that phrase would be used in derision, I suppose, just because of how self-indulgent and innapropriate they became in their hey-day, but Rocky Gray knows how to show off without being annoying. His solos actually have a point to them – they are an integral part of the song, a bridge across troubled waters, or the troubled water itself.
. . . The vocals are mighty, disciplined growls, but I almost never notice them. Either because I am so caught up in the flat out amazing technical musicianship, or because they are mixed to perfection, becoming just another instrument of holy destruction. Whatever the case may be, I can’t help but feel that if there were ever a Metal band that could lose their vocalist and shine anyway, this is that band. I found my attention slipping a couple times during the record, but for the most part I was literally on the edge of my seat, waiting to see how Soul Embraced was going to pummell or transport me next.[Clenchedfist/ Jason Dodd]

Metalcore, Death metal
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Year Title Rating Views
2013 Mythos 1040
2008 Dead Alive 8763
2003 Immune 8824
2003 For the Incomplete (reprint) 2061
2002 This is My Blood 10932
2000 For the Incomplete 1874
1999 Fleshless 1700

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