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Spooning Out The Sea by Orphan Project


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Apr 27, 2014 12:06:40 PM
I am immediately hit by the polished production and imagination used to make each song refreshingly different. So good to hear Godly prog metal.
Track 1 Soul searching lyrics. I love the lead parts done by the bass.
Track 3 Acknowledge the presence of a Savior.
Track 4 Musical excellence!!! Lyrical praise.
Track 7 They can turn on/off the metal like a light switch.
Track 9 Most introspective lyrics set to great music.
I have just one question, if the sea is spooned out then where goes the water?
#2Angel's Desire
#4To Me
#5One Dark Moment (Providence)
#6My Goodness
#7Head On Your Platter
#8Empty Me
#9The Battle Rages On
#10Spooning Out The Sea
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