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Brutal Love Vol 1 by VARIOUS

The Brutal Love Compilation album is produced by Brutal Warfare Magazine and Faith, Hope and Love Blogspot to support the Christian Metal Underground. The purpose of this compilation is to dissemminate bands that take God's Message of Love to the Metal World.

The meaning behind the album cover is: A statue of a deceased queen, who like common man has been destroyed over time. Evidence that we are all equal before God.


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#1Fatality Brutality - Krig
#2Exile of Pain - Insomnia
#3The Earth Splits - Skin Culture
#4Revenge - Innocent Blood
#5I Look for a Way - dElohim
#6Black Winds of Death - Clemency
#7Dementia - Trino
#8Human Law - Levittaz
#9Trip Beyond the Mind - Menahem
#10No Fear - Deserter
#11The Last Battle Warriors - Proclamus
#12Death that Changed the World - Baraque Lord
#13In Deo Gloria Excelsa - Amnos
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