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Portraits by For Today

Released June 9th

Explanations of the lyrics may be found on For Today's Myspace

Guest vocals on "Immanuel (The Redeemer)" by Joe Musten of Advent.
Guest guitar solo on "Benedictus (Song of Zechariah)" by Dustie Waring of Between the Buried and Me.


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Joel (The Watchman) (4:08)

Let the trumpet sound for the coming King. The
almighty approaches! Let the whole world see. Wake up! This is really
happening--the locusts devouring everything. The great and dreadful day of the
Lord has fallen on the land. May you bear the mark of righteousness. We will
not be forsaken. May your conviction stand to profess: we will not be

America, you will be judged, but His people will be restored.
You will be judged. Seek your mercy now, while it may still be found. Arise,
take up your sword and choose your side. Tonight, prepare for battle. For the
dream of God will come from the lips of children, and His Spirit will pour out
onto all flesh. You will see the sun black out, and the moon turned to blood.
Then you will know there is one God and the LORD is His name.

You will be
judged, but His people will be restored. Fall to your knees, for there is life
at the throne of God.

Copyright 2009 For Today

#1Immanuel (The Challenger)0:45
#2Saul of Tarsus (The Messenger)3:49
#3Nicodemus (The Seeker)3:18
#4Joel (The Watchman)4:08
#5Immanuel (The Redeemer)2:35
#6Elijah (The Forerunner)3:10
#7Benedictus (Song of Zechariah)2:51
#8Ezekiel (The Visionary)4:07
#9Isaiah (The Willing)4:03
#10Talmidim (The Servants)4:08
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