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Dominaeon by Forsaken (MLT)

Leo Stivala (vocals)
Albert Bell (bass)
Sean Vukovic (guitars)
Simeon Gatt (drums)

Cover Art by Jowita Kaminska

Voices on tracks 4 & 5, appearing courtesy of St Monica School Choir, Mosta, Malta.
Choir arrangements: Track 4 by Sean Vukovic and David Vella, Track 5 by Sean Vukovic.

Recorded and mixed at Temple Studios, Mistra Bay, Malta in July 2005.
Mastered by Kai Blankenberg at Skyline Tonfabrik, Dusseldorf, Germany.
All photos by Stefan Glas, except 2, 4 (inner tray) by Jowita Kaminska.
All photos taken at Headbangers Open Air festival July 2004, Germany.


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Aug 10, 2014 06:21:13 PM
Heavy stinkin' traditional doom metal of the highest caliber. Leo's vocals are well suited for this genre.This begs to be played loud and proud.

Masterful use of the English language. A glimpse at the lyrics of the song The Celestial Alchemist

Vanquishing the fallacies of the promethean
The sins of the vain
The celestial alchemist forever hereafter
The winds of perdition extol your name
Thine eternal father

and part of the title track:

Harvesting our collective nemesis
Epistemes of doubt on the father of time
He beacons the passage to salvation
The dominion of light
He is the eye of the world
The all-fereseeing truth
Born to vanquish the age of despair
#1The Abscondant God (Intro)1:44
#3Paradigm Of Chaos1:49
#4Obsidian Dreams7:45
#5The Celestial Alchemist4:00
#6Daylight Dies7:42
#7Blood Of The Sun (Instrumental)1:46
#9Wretched Of The Earth6:39
has lyrics

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