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Iconoclast (EP) by Forsaken (MLT)

Line up:
Leo Stivala (vocals)
Sean Vukovic (guitars)
Albert Bell (bass)
Simeon Gatt (drums)
Mario Ellul (keyboards)

All lyrics by Albert Bell.
All music by Forsaken.
All female vocals by Rachel Grech.
Additional effects by David Vella.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Temple Studios, Malta.
Cover - back and inside artworks by Chris Zarb.

This MCD is dedicated to the undying and everlasting memories of Daniel Magri and Domenica Gatt. The spirit carries on!


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fishingd oldschooldoom

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Aug 10, 2014 06:15:39 PM
Takes on a more TROUBLEd sound. Terrific EP from a band that does not have one bad song. This probably has the most straight forward lyrics of all their releases. Kind of a shame that it was just an EP.

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