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Back To Basics - English 101 by Joe English

Refuge release: 790-0602-720

Joe English: Vocals
Charles Bass: Vocal Arranger, Background Vocals
Kathleen Bass: Background Vocals
Martin Bass: Background Vocals
Billy Blum: Drum Machine Programming
Tony Camillo: Arrangements
Jo Clayton: Background Vocals
George Cocchini: Guitar
Dennis Davilio: Bass
Lamont Dozier: Songwriter
Dave Eastman: Songwriter
Sean Gallant: Mixed
Tommy Greer: Songwriter
Dean Harrington: Songwriter
Brian Holland: Songwriter
Eddie Holland: Songwriter
James Holloway: Songwriter
Steve Lang: Keyboard Programming
Glen Marchese: Engineer
Richard Marchese: Trumpets
Chris McCollum: Songwriter
Jerry Mokar: Saxophone
Ray Nenow: Executive Producer
Chuck Nichols: Background Vocals
Doug Oberkircher: Mixed
Joey Powers: Producer
Darice Price: Background Vocals
Joe Noro Savage: Keyboard Programming
George Small: Keyboards
Jeff Toone: Engineer
Mark Tuomenoksa: Sampled Saxophone
Howie Weinberg: Mastered


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#1Take Me Back
#2Truth and Lies
#4Too Much
#5Hot Fire
#6The Secrets of the Kingdom
#7Stop Looking Over Love
#8Behold the Glory
#9This Must Be Love
#10How Sweet It Is
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