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Rob Rock - The Voice of Melodic Metal - Live in Atlanta (DVD) by Rob Rock

"The Voice Of Melodic Metal" ROB ROCK with his first live release. This contains the full ROB ROCK appearance from Prog Power festival in Atlanta, as well as interesting bonus material.

full color 4-sided booklet
full color CD print
full color inlay card
standard DVD case

full Rob Rock discography (including all projects), commented by Rock
rare bonus videos


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Feb 15, 2014 09:41:33 PM
Feb 15, 2014 09:48:28 PM
Aug 17, 2014 09:32:31 PM
56 minutes of their September 27th, 2008 show. Pro shot and edited. Superb audio. Rob provides the warmth and charisma. Grimmark brings the sweaty shred.

Very cool to follow the concert with 4 videos of bands that Rob played in (about 4 years apart) going back to Joshua, then Driver, then Imp and finally his own solo band. As of this writing, none of these can be found on YouTube in the same version.

So cool for a band to list and promote their discography as part of a DVD.

CJ Grimmark-lead guitar
Peter Hallgren-lead guitar
Andreas Passmark-Bass
Tracy Shell-Drums
#1Garden of Chaos
#2First Winds of the End of Time
#3Rock the Earth
#4In the Night
#5Slayers of Soul
#6Judgment Day
#7Only a matter of Time
#8This time is the Last Time
#9Savior's Call
#10Metal Breed
#11I am a Warrior
has lyrics

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