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Generation by Watchmen

128KB MP3 files are free to download from the official Greg Sweet/Watchmen website.


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Aug 10, 2014 10:01:30 PM
I cannot confirm the comment about Paul Jackson (Bloodgood) playing guitar for this band but I know that Kevin Whisler from Bloodgood played the drums.

Coincidentally, this follow-up album should appeal to lovers of Bloodgood as Greg's voice is like a toned down Les Carlsen. But musically this is also way different than their follow-up 'Fear No Evil' masterpiece. Generation rocks pretty hard with some great harmonizing. The album ends as Christian as it begins.

Track 2-compare to the beginning of 'Too Young to fall in Love' by the Crue
Tracks 4 & 7-love the lazy saxophone intros even if they seem out of place
Track 5-this Christian version sounds great!
Track 8-many bands have done a song with this title. This rocks hard with great harmonizing.
May 17, 2015 02:37:05 PM
I first heard this band on the old Underground Metal compliation by Regency Records. Their song Fear No Evil came from their independent album of the same name. Generation is their label debut album and offers a solid first effort. Overall I really enjoy this album, however like with any album there are some songs that just grate on my nerves. The opening track, Turn, is by far the best song on the album. Stand Strong, Straight, Breakin' the Chains are the other strong songs. Good vocals and great guitar work. I normally don't mind a ballad type song from a hard rock / metal band, but when a song opens with a saxophone solo you have to be worried. This offender is Best Friend. Lyrically it is OK. It's your typical "Jesus is my friend" song...which I have nothing against. The song just sounds out of place on the album.

Watchmen doesn't sound like it has a real slick production value, but the overall sound is good. I've never seen them perform live so I can't say if they are more a studio band or better live. Their first album, independently released, Fear No Evil is a hard one to track down. I eventually found the cassette, but to this day I'm not sure if this album was ever released on CD.

While not my favorite Christian metal CD, I do find myself pulling this album out every so often just to listen to a few of the songs. If you're looking for this album on the secondary market you may have some trouble. I believe the last time I saw this album sell on eBay it went for around $30.
#2Stand Strong
#4Best Friend
#5Breakin' the Chains
#7I Will Be There
#9One Day
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