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Understanding the Reflection (demo) by In the image of

Lyrical themes are Christian. Sound bytes heard on their MySpace and CDbaby.

This is not intended to be radio friendly music. There is no single, no hit on this record. This music was written to tell a story and for the listener to reawaken, to hear his/her calling in life, and no matter what circumstance surrounds them, there is always hope, says Corey Benjamin, guitarist and founder of the band. In the Image of is looking to find serious, hard working musicians who believe in their vision, create a live show, and touch a bigger audience with their music and message.

Corey Benjamin - Guitars, Bass
Christabelle - Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Lee Hudson - Vocals
Kevin Smith - Drum programming


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Jun 20, 2014 08:38:56 PM
Beautiful progressive rock alternating with prog metal. Beautiful female vocals alternating with a nice male vocalist who himself alternates between traditional and death/screamo incoherence. But this is not alternative music. Lyrical content alternates between Godly and generic fluff.
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has lyrics

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