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Fatal Mistake by Shining Star

Shining Star comes from Brazil and their debut cd is a pleasant surprise to my ears. Cause what we have hear is some quality guitar play influenced by the guitarshredders C-J Grimmark and Yngwie Malmsteen. There are many blistering solos by guitarist Fabio Rocha that make this cd to a real metal feast. Favourite tracks are You're not Alone, Alive and Well, Master of the Skies, I Wish and the beautiful instrumental 1000 Years Ago.
The tune Fatal Mistake has great lyrics that goes like this: "How can you say there's no God up in the sky if you never searched, never tried to find". In You're not Alone the lyrics talks about Jesus: "I feel, I can see. In the cross he is dying for me. He paid the higher price. I trust in his sacrifice. You know the history. Why don't you trust in him?"

On the negative side the vocals are a big drawback. The singer should try to sing more fluent. His voice sounds very forced as it is now. Despite the vocals this is still a good release that I really can recommend. I'm already looking forward to Shining Star's next release.

References: Check it out if you are looking for a new guitar metal band in the veins of Narnia/Malmsteen.


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#1Opening the Skies
#2Fatal Mistake
#4Master of the Skies
#5Last Train
#6Last Train to Heaven
#7I Wish...
#8You're Not Alone
#9Alive and Well
#10Ivan's Drum Solo
#111000 Years Ago
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