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Experience The Power by X-Terra

X-TERRA's second full length release, "Experience The Power" lives up to it's name. It's blues-influenced hard rock exemplifies the epitome of the natural spontaneous and energetic rock that is so much a part of their live performances. With lyrics that are upbeat and positive in feel and emotion, songs such as "First Stone" and "In One Ear" are songs that showcase the intense energy level and uncompromising attitude which is characteristic of their song writing and musicianship. This album truly radiates the same charisma and sincerity that gave rock and roll it's birth.

1. Don't Lock Him Out 3:00
2. Sell Anything 3:37
3. First Stone 3:49
4. In One Ear 4:06
5. Brothers Three 3:47
6. Mighty Oak 6:06
7. Machine Man 3:51
8. Wake Up 2:49
9. The Lord Is My Shepherd 3:02


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Mar 25, 2014 09:58:41 PM
Like a metal REZ band. Wife and husband Anne Kachline (Bass & Vocals) Bob Kachline (Drums & Vocals), the only X-Terra members from the beginning share vocal duties on this album.

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