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Blessed? by Faith

Blessed? continues to find Faith heading in doom metal territory. But it is not just doom you will find here in that the group intermixes its “gloomy” sound with elements of the epic, symphonic and progressive- all the while joined with occasional touches of traditional folk music. Yes, an eclectic (and creative) mix but it works. Just check out the progressiveness characteristic to “Blessed Void Of Bewilderment” or, better yet, the technical sounds of the ingenious “Necropolis”. The catchy “Big Red, Nebraska” moves at the faster tempo while the melodically tinged “Twilight” proves every bit as gripping. “Condemned”, an upbeat number with an almost classic metal feel, stands in contrast to mid-tempo plodders “Father Pious” and “Never Got To Know”. Closing out the album is the plodding instrumental “Leipzigpolska”.

Roger Johansson – Guitars
Christer Nilsson – Lead Vocals & Bass
Peter Svensson – Drums

Guest Musicians
Hakan Malmros – Violin
Anders Smedenmark – Swedish Key Fiddle


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#1Blessed Void Of Bewilderment8:21
#2Big Red, Nebraska4:52
#3Polska efter Ida I Rye2:23
#7Father Pious6:15
#8Never Got To Know5:57
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