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Sorg by Faith

What Faith brings to the table on Sorg is more doom in no uncertain terms, delivering a trudging but powerful sound combining a down tuned and bass heavy low end with extremely heavy and slower paced riffing. But placing a label of just doom on Faith, however, would not be painting an entirely accurate picture. Emotional Retard, The Day I Died and Winter, for example, are without a doubt doom-laden plodders but reflect the influence of progressive metal as well. (Not to mention showcasing very notable melodies, a fact which proves Faith can write a song that is heavy but memorable at the same time.) Star Child and What Would I Do Without Me?, on the other hand, combine elements of classic hard rock and doom, while Skogsraet/Finngalkn takes a foundation of doom and blends it with aspects of the extreme and progressive. The band even delivers two mostly ambient instrumental pieces in SoK and Star Child Part II.

Christer Nilsson Lead Vocals & Bass
Roger Johansson Guitars
Pete Svensson Drums

Guest Musicians
Johan Blomstrom Keyboards
Anders Smedenmark Key Fiddle
Johan Schuster Growls
Mikael Brorsson - Accordion


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Jun 20, 2014 09:24:03 PM
Continued great doom metal with Christian lyrics. Begins and ends with death vocals but filled with straight up trad doom.

Track 3 is about emotionally freezing to death
Track 4 song of hope through baby Jesus
Track 5 adoration for Jesus/eternity with our Savior
Track 6 tympani instrumental
Track 8 faith in mankind is forever lost(the selfish song)
Track 9 is Doomour. Doom humour heard through violin, cows, yodeling, doom metal, death vocals, yodeling, doom metal with a Finnish singer and accordion. for me. Really lightens a mood (doom spelled backwards). A fun band with a big heart for ministry.
#1Emotional Retard8:09
#2The Day I Died6:48
#4Star Child5:02
#5Bride Of Christ6:15
#7Star Child Part II1:29
#8What Would I Do Without Me4:27
has lyrics

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