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Resident Apostasy by Rehumanize

Licensed to Open Grave Records for distribution.
No release number
UPC: 800828281823

Resident Apostasy was recorded in late 2008.
Phil Diez did drums at MD studios, Panama, and vocals at his house.
Guitars and bass were recorded by Broc Toney at his place in Louisiana.
All songs were mastered by Todd Brandt at Persona Mastering, MN
Artwork and layout by Todd Brandt
cover concept by Phil Diez

On the back page:
"Rehumanice is dedicated to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God is just, righteous, and holy, and we are not. God hates sin and must come against it full force. God commands all men everywhere to repent of all sins. The self-serving lifestyle you have lived is not pleasing to God even though Jesus loves you. Therefore, since you have sinned against Him, you deserve eternal damnation. In order to be saved, you must repent and believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord, and that he is risen and lives exalted forever. God has set a day in which he will Judge the world in perfect righteousness. Only those who are saved will be spared from the wrath to come. The law and the prophet of God testify to this in the Bible, the inspired revelation of God to mankind. The Christian life is one of peace, victory, freedom, sanctification, and sonship that leads to eternal life."

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