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1983-1984 by Matrix (pre-Bride)

Even though this CD appears to cover both of the Matrix demos...IT DOES NOT. There are only 8 of the 10 songs on here from PG-13. The last two songs on this CD are early Bride unreleased songs.


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Aug 8, 2014 09:30:11 PM
Collectively, this is different. Musically and lyrically so different than anything Bride or Dale Thompson solo. Relatively low spiritual content as compared to Bride or DT. Vocally, it's all Dale. The songs on this album are now all considered old school. Perhaps that is why I like them, ya think!? What fun! This is quite the nostalgic listen. Trademark Dale in a fury and/or tweener (mellower) Dale. The edgier Dale songs are my favorite, they are a foretaste of much greater things to come in just a year or two. Very cool to hear 'Heroes' and 'All Hollow's Eve'. Compare BOC's-'Cities on Fire with Rock and Roll' riffing to the beginning of All Hollow's Eve'.

These are songs from their two albums but they are strangely mixed together, added to, and then subtracted from. The following songs are missing: Fright, Look at me Now, What Must I Do, Good Rock & Roll, and Missing Children. The following songs are added: Now He is Gone, Forever in Darkness, Follow Your Heart, I Can Fly, & Melissa. All found on 'Show No Mercy-re-issue' except for 'Melissa'. I believe this is the only place to find that song. Other Matrix songs not found on Matrix 1983-84' are found on Bride-The Matrix Years.

The songs from PG-13 have a surf music feel, some have an 80's pop sound.
The songs from Monkey Doo understandably are heavier.

With permission, Grave Robber could easily use tracks 14 and 16 in their act.

Tracks 17 and 18 are the heaviest to come out of Matrix.

Whew, guess this was a roundabout way to say this is not Bride (yet) and I like it.
#1We Got Rhythm
#2Who Killed The Rock Hero
#3Get Away
#4What's The Point
#5Stand Up And Shout
#6West Of The Moon
#7Spell House
#8To Make You Think It's Real
#10Now He Is Gone
#11Remember Me
#12Now You See Me (Now You Don't)
#13All Hallow's Eve
#14Slippin' Into The Light
#15We Are Going To Make It
#16Forever In Darkness
#17He's The Flyer
#18Follow Your Heart
#19I Can Fly Now
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