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Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Lordian Guard

Hellion release: HE 050697
Recorded at Storm Cellar

"If you are a fan of the first Lordian Guard album or Warlord, Uli Jon Roth, Phil Keaggy's "The Master and the Musician" album, etc., you'll be thrilled with this disc. It is epic, melodic, technical in a classical way, and full of neat imagery. In fact, group leader William J. Tsamis labels it Dark, Medieval Epic Metal. If you've never heard any of the above, let me describe it this way. the music is not realy heavy but it is really polished. there is a lot of melody throughout that you can remember when you are not listening to the album. The melodies are played quite impressively on the guitar. There is a keyboard which accents the music but doesn't take away from the guitars in any way. And the female vocals, which have a flair for the dramatic, are sung in the alto range." -Critical Mass 1997

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