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Revelations 1: A Light in a Dark Place by VARIOUS

The first compilation of a series of Black Metal Compilations. Limited to 250 copies.

Revelations Vol. 1: A Light in a Dark Place is the first compilation of its kind. Focusing in on a scene that is loathed by some and loved by others. This is the extreme underground scene known as "Unblack". While Black Metal is known as a hateful genre, the artist compiled on this CD stand for the opposite. This is their story...


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#1Fire Throne - Holocaustfirestorm
#2Frost Like Ashes - Pale Shadows
#3Ira Divina - Motivo da ExistÍncia
#4Deborah - Exorcism
#5Winter's Dawn - Landscape of Winter
#6Northern Ash - Chalice of Wrath
#7Borgazur - Christ on a Pyramid
#8Azmaveth - Master of Light
#9Sorrowstorm - Caverns of Grief
#10Blood Drift - Last Reign
#11Day of Ascension - The Shadow Overcast
#12 JOB - Nascentes Morimur
#13Reiziger - Mind and Reality
#14Sanctus Obscurum - I Live in Death
#15Synnove - Rhythms of the Apocalypse
#16Trastorno - Muere Satanas
#17Elgibbor - Dark Valley
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