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Victory by Surrender by Venia

"Victory by Surrender" will be a co-release between Open Grave Records and newly founded NePlusUltra Music. A world wide release date has been scheduled for April 14th.

Viktor of Venia stats in regards to the new album, "It's another big step forward for us as we set the bar very high. It includes 11 songs; two instrumentals, six songs in English and three in Finnish. Four of the songs are new and much improved versions of songs that were on our first demo. Musically it will be sort of a blend of the "Genesis" demo and "In Our Weakness"; the thrash and power elements are still present, but everything has a bit of a classic heavy metal feel to it with plenty of galloping rhythms and dual leads. I'd say it's more melodic and catchy than "In Our Weakness" but just as heavy. Oh yeah, we have also included a lot more violin than before."


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#1Towards a New Dawn
#3Suora tie
#4Broken Chains
#5Ei mun tarvitse
#8Eternal Sanctuary
#9Victory by Surrender
#10The Blood of the Lamb
#11A Sigh of Redemption
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