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... and then we came upon thee by VARIOUS

In a time where hundreds and hundreds of new samplers are relased each day, where there seems to be no end of samplers. In a time where apparently everybody releases a sampler we came to a conclusion: We can do that, as well. Just better. After a long time of seeking and finding we are proud to present you our own creation of a free downloadable Online-Sampler. You’ll find treasures who stroke us in any way as a label, new bands and songs as well as samples of our own releases. In order to do things a bit better we focussed above all on quality instead of quantity. We hope the result pleases you and we hope we were able to create what we had in our minds during the production process: A sampler for the underground.

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#1Our Proclamation - Relapse Recovery
#2Escape from Emptiness - This World Will Fade Away
#3World to Ashes - Crown Of Victory
#4Preacher - The Son
#5foryoumydear - Forever Grace
#6saphena - Der Gott
#7Sacrificium - Killing With Style
#8Taketh - 1984
#9Kashee Opeiah - Kept By A Numerical Control
#10NoiZ - Prykrasa Zamist' Popely
#11Pantokrator - The Order Of Melchisedec
#12Source of my Faith - Meine Schuld
#13Course Death - Unobserved Territories
#14Kekal - To Whom It May Concern (Bonus Track)
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Nothing to see here

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