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Art Core Vol. 1 by VARIOUS

Tooth & Nail release: TND 1018
UPC: 026297101824

An Eclectic Mix of Alternative, Techno, Punk, Shoegazing, Rock. A view of Tooth and Nail being a cutting edge label that would compete with many indie labels in the secular world.


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May 6, 2014 02:31:18 PM
It's been almost 20 years that this has been out. It was a pretty ahead of its time compilation. Tooth and Nail truly was a groundbreaking label
#1Joy Electric - Sorcery
#2Rose Blossom Punch - Sowing In The Sun
#3Starflyer 2000 - Leigh And Me
#4Lance Alton Hemingway - Evangaline
#5Julie Band - A Little Nothing
#6Deer - Hidden Beauty
#7The Way Sect Bloom - Subsidize
#8The Sirago 17 - Bedspins (Mustang Version)
#9Luxury - When The Curtain Falls
#10Havalina Rail Co. - Dominique's Library
#11MxPx - Suggestion Box
#12Superchrome U.K. - Going Down
#13Almonzo - Pan Cake Batter Girl
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