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With Arrows, With Poise by The Myriad

Like a mighty, million-acre forest dappled in sweet sunlight, this record is rife with beauty, complexity, and mystery. Once setting foot within its confines one will immediately find they are surrounded by soulful melodies, intelligent, haunting guitar and piano work, and brilliant rhythm that will make you free your hips and tap your feet. There is profound joy hidden amongst the trees... and also plenty of abundant wit and scope to each song... almost as if each were its own separate short film. In truth, this record is very, very interesting, ...interesting enough to spin the listener up-up-up into the glorious, invisible arms of an endless forest!


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#1You Waste Time Like a Grandfather Clock
#2"Get on the Plane"
#3Forget What You Came For
#4A Clean Shot
#5The Accident
#6Holiest of Thieves
#7A Thousand Winters Melting
#8Polar Bears and Shark Fins
#9Throwing Punches
#10"Don't Let Them See You!"
#11Braver Than the Rest
#12Stuck in a Glass Elevator
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Nothing to see here

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