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It Is Written (demo) by Thee Final Chaptre


This is melodic power metal from back in the day. Great crunching guitars, fast blazing solos and a singer that can belt out the high notes.


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Apr 9, 2015 10:30:46 PM
Thee cassette most in need of remaster/reissue
Oct 17, 2015 02:09:30 PM
I had this demo...years ago! In my opinion, having good production for an early '90's demo, Thee Final Chaptre's "It Is Written" demo is very strong power metal, skillfully played, and vocalist, Tripp Andrews, can really sing! He has a very strong, melodic singing voice...and he can also nail the high notes! Andrews has a fine set of pipes, to say the least! I would say Thee Final Chaptre fits in nicely with the Sacred Warrior-style of power metal, but that is ONLY for a comparison! Thee Final Chaptre are/were not Sacred Warrior clones, and they were not trying to be. The cover art is awesome, and comes across very fitting for the power metal genre'. I cannot remember who did the artwork, but they did a fantastic job, and are to be commended! Even with all this going for it, Thee Final Chaptre never got the "big break" that I believe they deserved. God be praised, regardless, but Thee Final Chaptre is a prime example of an extremely talented band, who had ALL the tools necessary for greatness and, somehow...they were still grossly ignored! I believe this band would've fit in very nicely on the Intense Records label as well. A demo release very deserving of a remaster/reissue!
Oct 1, 2016 05:31:13 PM
A fantastic band with great music: nice hooks and high, HIGH falsetto vocals! The band tends towards Thrash, but with a nice Metal groove to it. One of my favorites, which (by the way) I would never have know about had it not been for one of those -- yes, I know -- download sites. Although I tried, I couldn't locate any of the bandmembers for permission. Now, however, that there's a re-issue, I will definitely purchase it.
#1Day After Day3:26
#2The Key4:34
#3The Hallowed Hymn8:56
#4Come As You Are4:50
#5All For One4:11
#6Don't Let it Run You Down3:34
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