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King of Kings by Tyrant

Tyrant has tracks on 'Metal Massacre' and '2000 The Second Coming' compilations.


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Jul 31, 2014 09:40:27 PM
If there truly were no Christians in this band at the time of this recording then this is one amazing secular album. Nearly all songs have spiritual meanings, some are actually biblical. But I have been conditioned to use the skip button for track 3. I don't care to listen to FN lyrics or FN talk anytime. It's completely unnecessary here and in my opinion scars an otherwise molten piece of heavy classic metal from back in the day. This is in Axemasters league of heaviness with vocals to match. Does it belong in the vault? IMHO yes, but be armed with a functional skip button. Do their other albums belong in the vault? No, unless these reportedly born again Christians can rework the lyrics and re-release them to suit the Christian market.
#1Tyrant's Revelation III2:40
#2King of Kings6:04
#3Fast Lane4:10
#4Dance With The Devil5:00
#5Ancient Fire7:59
#6Nowhere to Run3:54
#7When Night Fall4:00
#8Tighten the Vice5:53
#9Coast to Coast5:54
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