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A Thought Crushed My Mind (Re-master) by Blindside

DRT release: RTE 00429
UPC: 828730042929

Re-master/re-issue of the 1999/2000 album with slipcover, and bonus tracks (12-16). "[Phatbat 1303]" is listed on the slip cover, but not on the tray card. It was a "hidden" track on the original album. "From Stone to Backbone" and "All You Need Is..." are previously unreleased demo tracks. "Knocking on Another Door" and "Sunrise" are from a limited edition 7" release.

In the sleeve:
"In the beginning of the year 2000 our obligation with Day-Glo records was done. We didn't really have any new plans as we started rehearsing to figure out what to do next. There was no real direction and we didn't have a clue of what kind of music we wanted to make. The general feeling was just to have fun. We recorded some of the songs in the rehearsal room and a few of those were released on a limited edition seven inch vinyl record that came out through Structure Records, here in Sweden.

We thought it'd be fun to share some of this music with you. We hope you enjoy these tracks, take them for what they are demos from rehearsals a long time ago.

Be blessed"

Blindside are:
Christian Lindskog (vocals), Simon Grenehed (guitar, backing vocals), Tomas Naslund (bass), Marcus Dahlstrom (drums).
All music written and performed by Blindside.
All lyrics by Christian Lindskog.
Produced by Andre Jacobsson and Blindside.
Recorded at Tonteknik Studios, Umea.
Angineered by Eskil Lovstrom.
Mixed by Eskil at Tonteknik.
Assisted by Andre, Marcus, Christian, Simon and Tomas.
Mastered at Tonteknik by Pelle Henriksson, Additional track (Phatbat) by Marcus Dahlstrom.
Original release 1999, This album rereleased 2005 with extra tracks.
Additional Musicians: Per-Erik Andersson (violin), Eva-Britt Melander (violin), Orjan Haage (violin), Ingrid Molin (cell0), Ulf Sundquist (snaredrum & sordo), Jakob Munck (upright bass), Daniell Berglund (percussion).
Front art by Anna Kraitz.
Backside photo and poster photo by Markus Johansson.
Design by Tobias Marjo at Bandneu.
Blindside logo by J. Perjus.


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