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Warning of the Night by Desyre

Their first full-length.
Glam metal from Finland!!

Mazi Bee lead vocals, guitars
Coco Tommy guitars, backing vocals
Mike Seeker bass, backing vocals
Jayce Prime drums, percussion
Mikaela Akrenius keyboards

1. Warning of the Night 0:40
2. Dreams 5:01
3. Cant Let Go 5:02
4. Yule Night Brightness 4:43
5. Calling 4:28
6. Mr. Hyde in Delite 5:20
7. Ransom 5:11
8. No One Knows 4:07
9. Undoings of My Life 4:30
10. The Battle 3:56
11. Burning in the 3rd Degree 3:56


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Aug 13, 2014 09:13:19 PM
Cool intro followed by cool opening riffs of track 2. The guitar work has gone from great to excellent throughout this first full length album.

The music and message of Desyre has always been right on. Every song of their newest blesses me as much as all of their previous work.

Track 4-I love the non-traditional Christmas metal song.
Track 6-What a great song with a non-digitized (scratchy) opener. Check YouTube for this.

I found the artwork to be very cool and appropriate to the theme of the album.

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