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Rock Solid:The Rock-U-Mentary by Degarmo & Key

75 minutes live concert at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.


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Jun 14, 2014 09:25:16 PM
This arena concert was either in 1988 or '87, I think '87 because they mention their self-titled album as just coming out.

Professionally shot and polished performance. D & K at their prime. This is a fun, party, dance band with a serious message. Great crowd interaction and ministering throughout. A glorious and unique alter call in the middle of the concert.

This is a great video for people that wish to know more about this legendary band. There is an actor hired to do a tongue-in-cheek narration of the history the band. This actor does a good job posing as a flamboyant and nerdy geek that gives a corny biography of the band between songs. Mildly humorous.

Eddie DeGarmo(vocals/keyboards) is the wild man, he gets a huge on-stage workout. Dana Key(lead vocals/rhythm guitar) is the other front man. Also in the band are: Steve Taylor(lead guitar), Tommy Cathey(Bass), Greg Morrow(drummer).

Their songs take on societal ills for example: teenage suicide, lack of prayer in school, dispelling the evolution theory, challenging fake Christianity.
#1Rock Solid
#2Ready Or Not
#3Six Six Six
#4Soldier of Fortune
#5Teenage Suicide
#6Every Moment
#7Out of the Danger Zone
#8When the Son Begins to Reign
#9Are You Ready
#10Don't Stop the Music
#11Let the Whole World Sing
#12Alleluia, Christ Is Coming
#13Destined to Win
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