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Moonlight Cathedral by VARIOUS

Cold Fusion's debut compilation release, featuring new and established Gothic bands that are among the best in the scene. Genres include Goth Rock, darkwave, doom, and dark ambient. This is the first CD in a trilogy, which is soon to be followed by "Lunar Eclipse" and "Full Moon Rising".

The CD starts with Jimmy Brown's post-Deliverance band Fearful Symmetry made of Bowie-flavored vocals over darkwave. South Africa's Goth Rock master The Awakening appears with the moving track "Martyr". The Last Dance follows with "whisper", an excellent progressive song from the electro Goth rock legends. The new band Creta makes serious waves with their debut electronic Goth song "Silence". Tara Vanflower of Lycia appears with surreal dark ambient material, courtesy of Projekt Records. Saviour Machine closes of the album nicely with dark-operatic vocals over down tempo Goth in "The End of the Age".

The additional 8 tracks something to sink your teeth into as well, making the compilation perfect for anyone even remotely interested in the scene. Make sure to listen to the sound samples to find out for yourself.

"All these bands succeed to keep all the typical ingredients: the gloomy spirit, the deep bass and the so specific rhythm to mix it with the current technology and so to have a modern and forward-looking sound. Add to these positive aspects, the decent quality of the sound and you have enough good arguments to discover this compilation." (CX of Side-Line Magazine)

"the compilation does exactly what it's supposed to do, both for those looking for new artists and artists looking for new fans." (Chad The Edge On-Line)


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Apr 26, 2014 11:19:05 AM
I was not familiar with many of these bands. I am glad that I took a chance even though not my favorite genre. I listened blindly (didn't know who was doing what) and came up with the following observations:
Track 1 Goth emo Christian Bowie/Clayton like vocals.
Track 2 female emo incoherent
Track 3 see #1
Track 4 see #1
Track 5 hard rock, Christian provoking cynical lyrics. For example, "I rejoice in my brand new Lexus as I claim Christ's victory."
Track 6 hard rock morphs into metal then back to hard rock.
Track 7 excellent female coherent vocals. Synth hard rock alternating with metal.
Track 8 coherent female Christian emo.
Track 9 The standout rocker. Male vocals not blatantly Christian.
Track 10 ear tickler. Female vocals, emo
Track 11 another standout rocker that contains the most metal. Male vocals. Christian lyrics.
Track 12 Female vocals. Background heartbeat & chanting that goes on for > 6 minutes.
Track 13 Norwegian lyrics. Metal with power metal.
Track 14 ends with an unmistakable SM song.
#1Fearful Symmetry - Lead Us
#2Wyrmwood The Legacy - Voices
#3The Awaking - Martyr
#4The Last Dance - Whisper
#5Dead Artist Syndrome - Christian America
#6Visionaire - Fragmented
#7Undish - Letter No. 4 From "Letters from the Earth"
#8Paradoxx - Vampyr
#9BridgeShadows - Computer Dreams
#10Creta - Silence
#11Veer Chasm - You pt. 2: The Chamdeon's Rise
#12Tara Vanflower - This Womb Like Liquid Honey
#13Grode - Nedtegnet Fra Ensom Virkelighet
#14Saviour Machine - The End of the Age
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