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Obadiah by Obadiah

Half-baked 60's Dylan wannabe learns to play electric guitar half as well as Clapton, gets saved and sings about Jesus.... (Obadiah)

New songs + re-recorded classics from the early albums

Ken Myers- Guitars, Bass, Vox
David Hughes, Ruben Chavez, Gary Whiteside- Drums
Phil Thomasson, Richard Morrison- Bass, vox
Dennis Cristal, Pat Myers- BGV
Dave Zierenberg- Guitar
Kristian Denbow, Keith Henderson- Keyboard
Dan Zrelak- Keyboard, Guitar
Matt Cordi- Acoustic Guitar, BGV


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Jun 13, 2014 01:05:43 PM
The Spotify sound clips are NOT the same Obadiah band, btw. I'm not sure who those songs belong to, but they sound nothing like Kenny's band. (See my write up on the first release page: )
Jun 14, 2014 03:52:00 PM
Found some actual sound clips:
#1Got A Message
#2Just As Long, Lord, As I Got You
#3Time To Turn To Heaven
#4Psalm 57
#6How Long?-Not Long!
#7One Foot Away From Heaven
#8Just Like La Bamba
#10The Eyes Of Jesus
#11New Jerusalem
#12Christmas Must Be Tonight
has lyrics

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