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The Strongest Power (M8) by Leviticus

Reissue with the "Stå Och Titta På" EP as bonus tracks

M8 release: MR1008
UPC: 687474102098

"The Strongest Power" was originally released in 1985. The "Stå Och Titta På" (translated as "Stand & Look") EP was originally released in 1982.

"The Strongest Power" has been released with two different covers. The M8 reissue features both cover designs. The booklet for the CD re-issue is missing lyrics for "I Got Power" and "Look Around", as well as original lyrics or translations for the bonus tracks. Also, there is a misprint where the first verse of "Stay With Us" is printed twice in the booklet, though it's only sung once.

Levicitus formed in 1981. The two teenagers and cousins, Hakan and Kjell Andersson, met the older Bjorn Stigsson and began to jam together. They released their first album in 1982, a maxi-EP called "Stå Och Titta På" which in English means "Stand and Look."

THE STRONGEST POWER was originally released in Europe in 1985. Immediately, it made a big splash as a powerful metal album. KERRANG went so far as to call it "One of the best records of the year." By 1986, the album made it to the U.S.A. During a time when metal bands were a dime a dozen, Leviticus was able to put out quality metal with a unique, signature sound. That is why THE STRONGEST POWER is considered to be one of the premier Christian metal releases of all time.

All songs by Bjorn Stigsson

Musicians: Bjorn Stigsson; All guitars and synthesizers, organ, vocals.
Hekan Andersson; Bass, Moog - Taurus bass pedal, lead vocals.
Kjell Andersson; Drums, Percussion and vocals.

Produced by Leviticus. Recorded and mixed at Studio Bastun, Stockholm by Thomas Gertz
Stanley & Andrew Music

Produced by Peo Pettersson and Leviticus. Recorded and mixed at Soundtrade Studios by Ronny Lahti
Twilight Records (Sweden) and Pure Metal Records (U.S.A.)


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Nov 25, 2014 02:09:40 PM
Many people did not like the vocal stylings on this and the first release - but I was NOT one of those people. I STILL love these first two releases. Musically and lyrically they get me going every time. Would LOVE to see this trio line up record together again.
#1The Winner4:03
#2Deborah And Barak3:27
#3On The Rock2:57
#4King Of Kings5:17
#5Stay With Us3:53
#6I Got Power4:00
#7Look Around4:26
#8I Love You3:16
#9A New Day4:12
#10Light For The World5:08
#11Stå Och Titta På (Stand and Look)5:13
#12Följ Mig (Follow Me)4:07
#13Leva Som Han Lär (Live as One Teaches)4:29
#14Min Mästare (My Master)7:25
has lyrics

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