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Think Again - A Heavy Dose of Indian Gospel Music by VARIOUS

"THINK AGAIN" - India's first ever Online Gospel compilation is released by a small Multimedia company started by Brian D'Souza called Green Ozone Media.
Freed download compilation.

It is the first ever Gospel Compilation to be released Online for free in India & the World. It contains so many different genres of music ranging from pop,rock,reggae to funk,metal & Indian fusion. Truly an album of choice, 14 Talented Artists from across the nation that come together and showcase their creative music for God & his people on this album. A total Non-Commercial Release.

The Message behind the album art designed by Brian D�Souza
When you look at the cover, the first thing that comes to mind is the apple and a youth reaching for it. Now the identity of the person is unknown as the face is covered with a hood. The person has descended down the stairway to reach for an apple. The album is titled �THINK AGAIN�, which describes the scene best�Think Again before you give into descend the stairway of life to give in to temptation. If you look closer what appears to be an apple is a tomato..hence, looks are deceptive , We are free to choose our own destiny,it�s up to us to make the choice but we got to allow Him to be our guide.

Free download from Green Ozone Productions website:

* cover version
**bonus track


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#1Powerfaith - In His Love
#2The Salvation Crusade - Miracle by Faith
#3Cherubim - Breathe*
#4Intense - New Creation
#5Sunil Noronha - The Music Talks
#6Whitenoiz - Deliver Us From Evil (Live)
#7Denied Thrice - Return to Reality
#8Joshua Generation - Warning
#9Naveen J. Anthraper - Your Tenderness
#10Alum - Time for the Light
#11Benny Prasad - Shout to the Lord*
#12Blank Dice (feat. Naveen J. Anthraper) - God is Good (Live)*
#13Kilang Pongen - River of Life
#14By Grace - Kairos Song
#15Powerfaith - A Different Kid**
#16Kilang Pongen - Heaven's Celebration**
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