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We Wish You A Larry Christmas by Larry Norman

1 Organ Grinder
2 Riding High
3 I Love You
4 Somebody Tell Me My Name
5 Ashes Of Me
6 Apple Cider
7 1000 Years B.C.
8 We Need A Whole Lot More Jesus (And A Lot Less Rock 'n' Roll)
9 I've Got You On My Mind
10 Hasty Heart
11 She's A Dancer
12 Blow In My Ear And I’ll Follow You Anywhere
13 Letter From The President
14 Prelude
15 You Can't Take Away The Lord
16 Ha Ha World
17 The Last Supper
18 Nothing Really Changes
19 Postlude
20 Moses In The Wilderness


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#1Organ Grinder
#2Riding High
#3I Love You
#4Somebody Tell Me My Name
#5Ashes Of Me
#6Apple Cider
#7Turnin' Me In
#91000 Years Before Christ
#10We Need a Whole More Of Jesus And a Lot Less Rock And Roll
#11I've Got You On My Mind
#12Hasty Heart
#13She's a Dancer
#14Blow In My Ear And I'll Follow You Anywhere
#15I Got a Letter From the President
#17You Can't Take Away the Lord
#18The Last Supper
#19Nothing Really Changes
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